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A slut.
"I hooked up with Crystal last night."
"Thats nothin' to brag about, man, she's easier to get into than a community college."
#slut #ho #giant beer pong #fajita karakoe #lazy pong
by brain brain May 15, 2009
To comfort an emotional girl with a good round of love-making.
Janis was crying for hours after she bombed her physics midterm, so I cumforted her with my giant cock.
#sex #cock #love #slut #ho
by brain brain May 29, 2009
What you need to buy if you forget to wear a condom.
Fuck man, i should have bought a 50 cent condom, now i have to shell out $100 for a stroller
#condom #stroller #sex #intercourse #placenta
by brain brain December 04, 2009
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