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4 definitions by boxheadman

Contraction of the word whatever.
yea, whates, that's just how I roll MOFO
by boxheadman January 16, 2009
A derogatory name for hash, esp in Manchester. Mainly used when distinguishing Hashish from bud. Also shortened to sput.

Originated because like the Russian satellite of the same name, this is considered by many to be old technology
What are you smoking? Is that sputnik?
by boxheadman September 10, 2007
a cocktail mixing 'goon' (slang for cask wine in Australia) and 'O.F.D.' or orange fruit drink. It is important that both ingredients are the cheapest available.

Related is 'gofdka', which adds vodka to the above
dude, do you want some gofd?
by boxheadman February 10, 2011
Music so bad it's good. Usually originating from the 80's or early 90's. Examples include WHAM and pop sensation Billie Piper.
Get a load of this funderfull musak
by boxheadman September 10, 2007