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A small city in the inland empire of southern california known for meth, evangelical christian extremists, racists, and gun toting hillbillies. A vast majority of young people there have absolutely no ambition to go any further than working at wal-mart. Said youth are also encouraged to pump out kids as soon as possible (this ties in to the town's typical religious views). It is far out of the way of any other bastion of civilization, and takes about 30 minutes out of town just to get to a freeway. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
"dude, why is that guy wearing a tapout shirt, slapping his girlfriend around, wearing a bear hat filled with bud light, listening to buck cherry, and fucking his neighbor simultaneously, and talking about how black people and jews are destroying the earth?"

"He's from Hemet."

"oh, ok."
by bowling March 13, 2008
The inland empire (inland southern california), or "IE" as locals call it, spans riverside and san bernardino counties, and parts of LA and SD counties. This is the region of California that any travel agencies or colleges just don't want the rest of the world to know about. The culture there condones and encourages racism, sexism, and every kind of bigotry. Education is not viewed as something to expand knowledge, but rather to get money to buy another raised up truck. If you have ever watched "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge, this region would strike home in a frighteningly accurate way. People there are just as belligerent as they are stupid and unwelcoming to new people and ideas. Also, this region is home to "bros" and "bro hos". Looking up those as well will give you a much better idea about the IE too. All in all, living here, you'll get every drawback of big city living, but none of the advantages. If you live there, for the love of God, GET OUT.
"Man, I'm tired of driving through the Inland Empire surrounded by SUV's covered in 'not of this world' and 'real men love jesus' and ' W 04' stickers that keep cutting me off or won't let me change lanes. Oh, and I could do without the smog and 110 degree heat in the summer."
by bowling March 14, 2008
San Jacinto is a very small city in the inland empire of southern california. It is the sister city to Hemet, and is part of the same city area (for years, San Jacinto and Hemet wanted to merge since they were practically just one big city, but it fell through years ago). Look up the definition for "hemet" and you will get exactly how this city is as well, but with one difference. San Jacinto is slightly worse, and is slightly more dangerous crime-wise. Known to locals there as San Ja-ghetto.
"Hemet sucks, I think I'll move to San Jacinto."

"Dude, its practically the same city, you won't really be changing much."

"True, but at least we have some new cookie-cutter homes on the outskirts that none of us will ever afford."
by bowling March 14, 2008
A typical invitation issued by PC gamers, typically at a LAN or gaming center, encouraging someone to get on a PC and join the game. It is typically accompanied with a standard issue insult, such that said gamer will now be obligated to play in order to prove his/her worth as a gamer.
"I see we got some DoD goin on"

"Fuck yeah, get up in this, bitch!"
by bowling March 13, 2008

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