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the noise you make when your annoyed with someone or to supprise them. or sometimes used at the begining of a text.
ex: someone is hiding from behind a door and jumps out

ex2: *phone beeps* *reads text*
"RAWR u ok"
"lol yh"
"RAWR ly"
"need sleep xxx"
*puts phone down sleeps*
*recives text* "RAWR"
"RAWR go away!!"
*turns phone off*
*goes to sleep*
by bouncybrunnettes November 01, 2008
can't be asked to be honest
ex: "will you marry me?"

ex2: "will you just tell the truth for once!!"
"i cbatbh"
"i hate you!" (storms out of room) "are you gonna come after me?"
"i cbatbh"
by bouncybrunnettes November 01, 2008
Ow in Swedish
ex: 2 girls are sitting on a bed talking about looking at pictures and sea turtles and one pushes the other off the bed
-"owchen....help me up"
by bouncybrunnettes November 03, 2008
ex: she was just lying on the bed casually looking at pictures and wondering whether her phone was digging into the sea turtle's leg.

ex 2 : using the very special code, she could write about her day, without worrying about her mum finding out what she did :

- well, I went round to his house. We spent the afternoon in his room, lying on the bed, looking at pictures.
by bouncybrunnettes November 03, 2008
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