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Jtard is a general term to describe those who are overly obsessed with Japanese-"things".
"things" can be ANYTHING - so long as its somehow related to Japan, the Jtard will show a sudden heightened interest.

Common Symptoms of a Jtard are:

- complete obsession with "Japanese" things

- goes into COMPLETE denial when you tell a Jtard something they perceive to be Japanese isnt

- racist in the sense they believe Japanese is superior all others (ex. if an 'anime' isnt Japanese made, a Jtard will deem it a cartoon or of lessor value)

- express ridiculous love of the Japanese Culture (while having very little actual knowledge of it)

- express love for the Japanese language and often try but fail to learn it

- believes Japan is the most perfect utopia to have ever graced the Earth (without knowledge of political and social aspect of Japan society IRL)

- Completely ignorant to Japanese HISTORY (other than their favorable samurai anime era)

- has a huge stash of J-stuffs

- an Otaku

- falsely believes other Asian cultures are Japanese

- is extremely annoying to non-Jtard in their non-stop usage of pseudo-Japanese, anime-reference that no one understands, and misconceptions of actual J-culture

- Takes extreme offense to anything negative about Japan. The Jtard refuses to believe anything can be negative about Japan other their own preconceived notions.

- Lacks awareness of the real world events. View of world is thru an anime.
Jtard: "Ahh I love Japanese, its the most beautiful language in the world... listen to those Japanese girls talking over there!"
Person: "um. Those are Koreans."
Person: "sigh.... Jtard"

Person: "Whatcha doing?"
Jtard: "Looking for anime to watch."
Person: "That one looks good."
Jtard: "Ew, it was drawn by a Caucasian, its a total anime wannabe, so pathetic, I'm not watching it."
-- silence --
Person: "You draw right?"
Jtard: "Yeah, so whats your point?"
Person: -_- (stupid Jtard... he just racism'd against him/herself)
by booya123 January 27, 2010

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