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A term coined by a well-known chef, Daniel Glaser, a culinazi is a culinary snob or extreme foodie. Refusing to eat at fast food or chain restaurants, the culinazi goes for the hole-in-the-wall establishments, like a taqueria for lengua gorditas or offals at a run down brasserie. Knowledgeable in food and sometimes wine, the culinazi doesn't necessarily have to be involved in the restaurant industry. Always ready and willing to throw down in culinary term and trivia battles, a culinazi doesn't back down and will fight until their elitist view is seen and heard.

Fresh ingredients of the highest quality are what the culinazi brags of, knives and cookware are his tools. Buying locally to stimulate local farming economic balance and always looking for a culinary adventure are the name of the game for the culinazi. Stacks of books, memoirs, notes, magazines and newspaper articles fill the culinazi's closets, bookshelves and garage. Never succumbing to the drab writings of "celebrity chefs" the culinazi prefers cutthroat restaurant reviews and hand written notes.
"Dude, that guy on table 3 is such a culinazi, he refuses to eat our farm raised salmon"
by boosted84wagonmonster May 09, 2007

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