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2 definitions by boogeymonster5000

A verb meaning to suck on these nuts. In many cases someone will say this when the pown someone in the face.
Kris: Did u bring the suckandeez.

Victor: Suckandeez what?

Kris: SUCKANDEEZ NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victor: Why yes I would like to. Thanks for asking.

Jim: Queer
by Boogeymonster5000 July 14, 2009
A wonderous place in the south pacific that has many boogeymonsters and little boys for them to molest and possibly eat them after the molesting.
The boogeymonster molested victor at boogeyman island, but did not eat him. This was not the first time this happened.
by boogeymonster5000 July 13, 2009