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3 definitions by boo01313

large, big, awesomly huge, giant, humongous
Mr.C~ Wow yesterday I saw this dude he was Gigundous
Cowgirl~Wow...he must hav been tall
by boo01313 March 15, 2009
Dude,you just Vorhees'd me in checkers

~yeah I did
by boo01313 March 15, 2009
when you have a random outburst of laffter, so large that it is almost like an earthquake on a smaller scale, others include

-Towel quake
- tree quake
-toadstool quake
- cow quake

towel just sounds better- thats why i used it
"Hey, you whats up?"- dude
"Dude I just failed my test." sad dude
" im srry"-dude
" i know dude and i studied" sad dude
"that was not needed"-sad dude
"Don't worry it was just a towel quake."
by boo01313 April 16, 2009