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An act of prostitiution, or a prostitute.
She turns tricks to earn some extra money
by boo January 19, 2005
a hupsi und kutsoy word for fat or could mean mun
you're so fut und mun. i hates yer! i huvs yer really. buuuuueeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa
by boo December 22, 2004
a really ugly girl, who looks like a pig, and also eats enuf 2b one.
Hey Lucy, or shud I say Miss Piggy?
by boo November 15, 2004
To drive at an exhiliarating pace. Used as a noun or verb by Brits.
"I went for a blat around the countryside today"

"James blatted down the street in search of his drunk sister."
by Boo March 08, 2005
Woman who make the man pay for her, which is the way it should be.
look at that gold digger, she want a man to pay for her.
by Boo February 19, 2005
Northeast / Midwest? verb for "mock", "make someone look foolish" or "play a prank" - from '60s
"Let's pimp Jason by calling his squeeze and pretending to be docs from the VD Clinic!" (or) "I didn't read the assignment and the teacher pimped the shit out of me in class."
by boo October 19, 2004
Rock-paper-scissors game, usually pronounced "junk an' a po".
When playing jan-ken-pon: "Junk an' a PO! (show hand sign) I canna' SHOW! (show hand sign)" Or the long version "Junk an' a monk an' a socka socka PO! (show hand sign) Wailupe, Wailupe, bang bang JOE! (show hand sign)" No fair atomic bombs!
by boo December 28, 2005

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