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21 definitions by bonzai

simply someone whose mind is in the gutter at a particular moment; someone who is preoccupied with sexually explicit thoughts.

- also, the condition of having your mind in the gutter; an instance where sexually graphic thoughts prevails in someone's mind.
"don't be a gutterbrain!"

"my friend, it seems you have a severe case of gutterbrain!"
by bonzai January 15, 2005
wild, crazy, insane, stupendous etc.
that pool party was a blast, especially after that band showed up and started playing. but then when these bunch of strippers came by, and were dancing up a storm with everyone (including other females!), the scene was all over the house!
by Bonzai May 20, 2006
describing a state of being high/intoxicated (usually from a "controlled" substance)
rufus said that he got majorly strato after smoking that killer weed
by bonzai March 25, 2004
something you say in response to something that someone else says, when you're in full agreement with that person.
"Hey look, check out that chick! She just moved in down the street last week. Man, what a fuckin hottie she is! I mean seriously, she's a total babe]!!"

"Whoa! I roger that, dude!"
by Bonzai October 14, 2006
a combination of the words "normal" and "regular", mainly for emphasis.
"I dunno dude...not to be shitting you or nothin'...but you gotta admit most of those stunts at the last X-Games seemed pretty normular to me...I mean, even blindfolded and asleep, it would've been a cinch even for you! haha."
by Bonzai November 04, 2006
to put down or undermine someone or their efforts, the opposite of "pump up"

also, to psych out somebody in a negative way
chump down:

"to hell with what they say man....don't ever let anyone chump you down, I know you can pull this off!"

"look man, I know I can chump this guy down...just give me a shot, I know I can get him to fess up!"

by bonzai May 02, 2007
to talk extensively about something in an overly proud or boastful manner;

also, to ramble on endlessly, usually about trivial on nonsensical stuff
"dude kept jawing about how he scored all kinds of babes "back in the day" !"

"I swear sometimes when I'm on the phone with her, she'll keep jawing until it feels like my ear will fall off!"
by bonzai April 17, 2005