24 definitions by bones

a libaryian in the look of the eye
the kid had yurcon plates
by bones January 02, 2005
a hot hippie chick
the lawn at the show was full of muffins
by Bones August 13, 2003
A man who is overly fond of the company of young boys.
Look at that mucky-funster ib the dirty mac.
by Bones June 04, 2003
When a chicks boobs sag low like a ball sack.

See alsoChesticles.
breasticles breasticles breasticles breasticles breasticles
by Bones May 07, 2006
A device not unlike a shoe-horn designed to guide the penis into the vagina during inter-course. Developed in the late 13th century and used primarily in Asia and Eastern Europe.
Yoshi was so inebriated he had to implement his slim bavis in order to mount his new bride.
by bones October 31, 2003
you got f'ed in the a
"You got served! Your kids got served! You got f'ed in the a!"
by bones April 11, 2004
An absolutley disgusting girl. See: Seadonky
"That chick you banged last night was a Mudpuppy."
by Bones April 04, 2003

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