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Roy Mustang + Riza Hawkeye
one of the best couples ever. from Fullmetal Alchemist.
of course, they don't say it out loud... but we all know they love each other.
Riza: Sir, finish your paperwork
Roy: But Riza-
Roy: -falls off chair-
Riza: -smirks- Do your paperwork sir.
Roy: -does paperwork-

------A few ranks and years later------

Riza: See Roy? If you hadn't finished your paperwork you wouldn't have made it to Fuhrer.
Roy: -smiles-, lays back in chair- Now if you would excuse me Riza... I'm going to take a nap...
Riza: (takes safety off) Just because we're married and you're Fuhrer dosen't mean you can procastinate all the time! Do your paperwork!
Roy: -scribbles-

Yep, Royai is awesome.
by bohemianwriterredroses July 21, 2006

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