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a hot and amazing girl who always smile whenever you see her. some may say that she looks like a non-girlfriend material but you would be surprise of what she's capable of. she's a writer, dancer, swimmer, musical, sporty person and the nicest girl you'll ever meet. she has the most beautiful and shiny eyes and the brightest smile. she is the best friend/daughter/girlfriend/wife in the world. if you're with one or at least know one, you're a very lucky person.
Dude, I really want to have a chance with Riza. She's like the perfect girl.
by thisguywithaandj July 21, 2010
A pitch in wiffleball that rises when thrown. This pitch is thrown by holding the ball so that the holes are facing the ground thus creating lift to the trajectory of the ball before it pounds zone
Wow, Aaron can really pound zone with that riza
by J Lig October 29, 2005
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