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a fat hillbilley who has mutiple kids and is overweight. one can usually find a breeder around the 1st of the month at wal-mart cashing thier ssi checks, using thier food-stamps and or planning thier next accidental child. it is a rule among breeders that they are all related to kid rock and willie nelson in one way or another
man on cell phone: yes dear i picked picked up the red mini blinds i am just waiting on a fat breeder to pay for her groceries.
wife on the phone: what is taking so long?
man on phone: well this cow is trying to use her food stamps to but a pack of smokes, o great now she is going through all 11 of her kids to see which one knows the pin for her food stamp card. wait she found it, its tattooed on her right thigh, right above her kid rock tat
by bobzombie January 10, 2009
what a black man considers to be his birth rite.
jerome: did you hear shuranda id having her 8th baby
tyrone: bull shit nigger that bitch is gonn get more nigger ssi than me
jerome: well isha is wanting more money mabey you knock her up.
by bobzombie January 03, 2009

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