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another word in the nerd language, invented and used by nerds, usually means to beat someone at something. this nerd word is usually used in computer games where nerds spent their time in all day
in a fight (in real life)

billy: i owned ur ass bitch
bob: omfg... quit using nerd words kuz owned is not a word
billy: prove it
bob: dude, by saying it you already show dat ur a nerd... u dont see the football players saying dat shit...
by boby2 September 08, 2006
a word used only by computer nerds, which usually means a new player or someone that is disruptive. this word was invented by nerds and is used by nerds. By using this word in a game or in a real life conversation you are showing that you are a nerd and that you get online to a game at least 5 times a week.
in a game...

bob: hey where is X?

billy: omg u noob its over there

bob: well at least i dont use nerd language
by boby2 September 08, 2006

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