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yeah baby, ooh, oh shi... I'm about to cu...cu....ORGASM-eugheahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
by bobrocks95 October 20, 2009
Depression that doctors actually care about.
patient: Docter, I'm depressed...

doctor: Is it clinical depression?

patient: No....

doctor: Get the fuck out of here then.
by bobrocks95 November 13, 2009
A woman whose husband buys her lots of gifts and expensive things without her asking.
Jim spoils his wife so much. She must be one lucky involuntary gold digger.
by bobrocks95 May 05, 2010
A sexual act involving Moose Antlers, Maple Syrup, and the Stanley Cup.
Canada's History is so depraved that you can't say it on TV
by bobrocks95 February 04, 2010
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