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a popular news article durived from the dossy. set in oklahoma city, jacob hunter, the man behind the nonesense, has made an extremely fresh and characteristic news article full of love, hate and dossyness.
the cast is, bonedavis, the timmy, dockie, hitler, vanderdossy, the racoons, the always famous grant high school and always, bobbyduce himself. look for the newest edition to the dossyness, titled "lug-nut-express" coming to the world in march of 2010.
damn, the dossy times is da shit!

I love dockie the racoon, even though she was sacraficed.

bobbyduce is a fat ass comedian! i love that dude.
by bobbyduce16 May 06, 2010
popular name durived from kicking someone in the nuts and putting your butt-hole on the tip of their nose
haha, i gave your mom a bonedavis last night!
by bobbyduce16 May 04, 2010
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