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Googooplex is one less then infinity, It is a way of describing an amount which is greater then anything we can express but definately not infinite
there are a googooplex number of stars
by Bobbie July 22, 2003
A group of Vietnamese individuals who dress to impress, but really aren't impressive at all.
The girls tend to wear TNA or anything from Aritzia, dye their hair blonde and wear Nike Shox. Often seen with faux Louis Vuitton purses.
The guys' apparel usually consists of Kappa or Puma, also completed with a set of Nike Shox. Their pants usually are pulled up too high and they pull their jackets up to disturbingly reveal their bottom area. They only date other Nammers, and they love swearing in Viet.
Those Nammers have so much Viet pride.
by Bobbie June 18, 2006
to put something in your ass
When he saw the polices steve decided to shelf his weed
by bobbie July 22, 2003
a giraffe with big hair
The girafro has an afro.
by Bobbie January 02, 2004
Degrading term used by the Shaq Fu Army. Also see "Kee".
Ha Ha! Kobe really loves to fist his Don Kees!
by Bobbie September 21, 2003
Also may be spelt, "Bac-ky."
Basically Nammers, but speak with a northern Vietnamese dialect. Their parents come from the Ha Noi area in Vietnam. Truer Nammers usually dislike Buckies because of their accents.
Nammer Nammer: Look at that bucky. Who does he think he is?
Bucky Nammer: Hey, I'm a NAMMER too!
Nammer Nammer: You wanna start something, BUCKY?!
Bucky Nammer: You so hurt. :(

(Nammers say 'you so hurt' when someone or something hurts them.)
by Bobbie June 18, 2006
Another word for faecies
There is nard on your shoe
by Bobbie July 22, 2003
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