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2 definitions by bobalicous18

1) Particles given off by blooming plants that, in high amounts, can be visible on standing objects. Pollen tends to have a yellowish color.
2) Something that many people are allergic to. Most people suffer from itchy eyes, raw throat, runny nose, suffy nose, and/or headaches. Keep in mind that pollen can also cause sneezing in people who may or may not be allergic to pollen. This type of allergy is often called a seasonal allergy.
3) A person allergic to pollen may not want to live in the Atlanta, Georgia area because there's SO MUCH MOTHER FUCKING POLLEN!
4) Number 2 on my shit-list...yes I have a shit-list.
1) >Hey Joe, did you see all the pollen on my car?
>No because my allergies have blinded me.
2) >Rick, did you happen to see how high the pollen level is today?
>No, because in Atlanta, there's always very high pollen levels in the *achooooo* spring.
4)>Dick, did you read my updated shit-list?
>Yeah I notest that you put Barrack Obama in front of Dick Cheney
>That moves pollen into the number 3 spot, in front of Barney and Michael Moore.
by bobalicous18 April 02, 2009
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1) A place that sells the most random collection of food that is overpriced.
2) A place for adults to get drunk and watch games they don't care about until they're sober, and then get fuck-ugly T-shirts for them.
1) >Hey Bob, you want to go to Taco Mac and get some wings, nachos, burgers, wraps, and/or burritos?
>Sure just stop listing what they have on their menu.
2) >Hey Michael, you want to go get drunk at Taco Mac and watch an off-season hockey game?
>Sure, I'm only one beer away from getting my T-shirt. I hope it's not a let down.
by bobalicous18 April 01, 2009
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