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n: 1. A merchandiser of a retail outlet that doesn't do any work, and only looks like he is working by constantly walking around the store.
Some would claim that Mikey is a psudomerchifier. It's better than Hamiltonating all day though.
by bobaganootch February 24, 2005
tr. v: To lose ones virginity to a member of the clergy.
I heard that James was deshlocked back when he was in the choir.
by bobaganootch February 24, 2005
v: 1. To un-merchandise a retail outlet.
2. When a retail customer picks up an item in a store, then upon deciding not to purchase it, places it somewhere completly different.
That A-Hole totally demerchified isle 21.
by bobaganootch February 24, 2005
tr.v: 1. The act of delegating many tasks to those you supervise, and then sitting in your office for the whole day thinking about playing Everquest 2 instead of doing any real work yourself.
Brian: 'Have you seen the M.O.D?'

Chet: 'Yea, he's in the office Hamiltonating.'

Brain: God, that guy is a slacker.
by bobaganootch February 24, 2005
n. scrunk: What happens when the male genitalia pokes through a pair of boxers and painfully rubs against the pants.

tr.v. scrunked, scrunking, scrunkage: A description of one who has scrunk.
Brian gets scrunked whenever he thinks about the time James got deshlocked.
by bobaganootch February 24, 2005
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