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Bowl-reserve is similar to tropical punch. The origins of bowl-reserve come from a place, punchbowl reserve. So as not to sound suss one can say 'bowl-reserve' to someone or something that is of annoyance. The true meaning of bowl-reserve is simply 'i want to punch you' or 'fuck off'

Bowl-reserve is in the same word family as tropical punch, judy (and punch), tropical, and punch.
Bob: hey GB
GB: hey Bob.
Bob: god i'm cool. U R LAME. HAHAHAHA.
GB: BOWL-RESERVE *punches*
by bob183730974 September 05, 2007
The phrase 'tropical punch' can be said when something, or someone, is of annoyance. It has its meanings in the depths of a fruity substance, and a physical action. The use of this phrase is the same as saying 'punch' or 'I have the intent to puch you because you're a fuck.'

Can also be said as 'punch - tropical style'

see also: punch, tropical, judy (and punch), and bowl-reserve.
Bob: Hey GB
GB: Yea?
Bob: ur a gaylord
GB: tropical punch. *walks off*


GRELF: We're cool
GB: tropical. *rolls eyes*
GRELF: HAHA TROPICAL!!...i dont get it.
GB: ur not meant to.
by bob183730974 August 28, 2007
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