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The art of one stripping down to his nasty white naked skin and running around like a moron until he feels the need to jack off. (Remember...in the state of North Carolina..it's LEGAL to show you BUTT in public)
Dude...yes it's legal to show your butt...but you gotta whip out the big kahuna taht God gave us....heck take it all off.......LETS GO STREAKIN IN THE PARK!!!
by bob December 06, 2004
Synonymous to Hollywood, CA.
I'm going to tinseltown with dreams of becoming famous.
by Bob April 13, 2004
A mixture of 8 parts powdered iron oxide and 3 parts powdered aluminum, which, when ignited, becomes and extremely hot, sparking mass via na exothermic chemical reaction taking place. Can reach temperatures in the range of 2000-3000 C
Thermite will fuck up a squad car's engine real good.
by Bob November 09, 2003
1. The measurement of the amount of mass of an object has.
2. Term used to describe large shipments of drugs, usually illegal
1. Did you get the hight and weight of the criminal?
2. There's a pretty good amount of weight waiting to be picked up down by the dock.
by bob April 13, 2003
If one's girlfriend is on a period one should stick one's cock up her ass instead
When a man fucks his lady up the ass because she is on her periods to avoid a bloodstained cock
by Bob March 26, 2005
Deragotory word used to describe a human of Jewish background. Made known during Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaigne when he refered to New York city as "Himey-Town".
New York City is Himey-Town.
by Bob November 30, 2004
Or to pinch a loaf - having a shit
1. yo bitch get my dinner ready, i'm gonna go pinch a loaf
2. i wouldn't go in there for 35-40 minutes, some bastards' pinched a loaf
by Bob April 06, 2004

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