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A Sexual move when you throw your bitch in the air and when she comes back down you turkey slap her to the closest surface area then ejaculate over her
Man:How is your face bitch?

Woman/Bitch:It hurts your peis was hard
by bob,dog,mob,tob,lob,job July 07, 2010
Digby the Basilisk is a mythical creature that lives in a series of interconnected tunnels under a school. He feeds on mudbloods and he is excruciatingly inconsistent.
Man: Hey man i think i just saw Digby the Basilisk under the school he was very excruciatingly inconsistent.

Man2: Nah he is a mythical creature that feeds on mudbloods he is not real.

Man: Ohh ok......

Digby the Basilisk: How dare you talk about me, filthy little Mudbloods!
by bob,dog,mob,tob,lob,job July 14, 2010
Arabaca Beans is the left over beans at the bottom of your Heinz Baked Beans can that are cold and wet but you still want to eat them on your beans on toast.
Man:Hey i got some Arabaca Beans you want them on your beans on toast?

by bob,dog,mob,tob,lob,job July 14, 2010

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