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A Sexual move when you throw your bitch in the air and when she comes back down you turkey slap her to the closest surface area then ejaculate over her
Man:How is your face bitch?

Woman/Bitch:It hurts your peis was hard
by bob,dog,mob,tob,lob,job July 07, 2010
male genetalia
that man had a 64 inch pei until it was run over by a train and eaten by some french.
by Matthew Hyrka August 22, 2003
Penis/tallywacker/wang/loverod/one eyed yogurt slinger/pedro
that goat sodomized your brother with it's pei.
by Philip Anderson August 22, 2003
Stupid school program that only homo who wear bright cloth can be good.
by Cyrano August 01, 2003
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