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A Wanksta is a bitch ass studio gangsta, not the real deal gangsta like scarface, but more like peter brady.
You claim to be a gangsta, but your a fake ass wanksta.
by bo jangles March 09, 2003
Longer then shorts, shorter then pants. Likely a couple inches below the knee.
Hey, that dude's wearing capris....nope, those are shantz.
by bo jangles March 06, 2004
Something magical that can be used to make yourself better after having to deal with stupid toronto.

Or to explain something you did without actually explaining.
Hey, how did you do that?

I used pixie dust... obviously.
by bo jangles March 06, 2004
after u insult someones mother u say DAI! or KLEINDEUTSCH!
DUDE: thats a shitload of mayo on that sandwich
ME: almost as much as i shot down ur moms throat last night DAI!
by Bo Jangles March 17, 2003
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