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(verb) To shit yourself while wearing trousers, jeans, shorts or any pair of pants.
Bobby shantzed his shpants during gym class.
by KJ Potsmann June 19, 2007
Longer then shorts, shorter then pants. Likely a couple inches below the knee.
Hey, that dude's wearing capris....nope, those are shantz.
by bo jangles March 06, 2004
Shantz! is everything. Shantz! is also nothing. The question, then, is what is Un-Shantz!?
Shantz! you!
I went Shantz!ing last night.
I'm wearing my new Shantz!.
by James Scanlan March 19, 2003
Shantz! is everything and nothing. It is most commonly used in place of offending words, although, since it has no meaning, Shantz! cannot be used to get one into any trouble.
I Shantz!ed your mom last night, and she liked it.)
Eat Shantz!, a**hole!
Why don't you go outside and play hide and go Shantz! yourself?
by Justin Morrow March 19, 2003
Someone incapable of programming.
He is so Shantz.
by Shantz May 30, 2004
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