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The black people pizza, a piece of white bread with ketchup and a slice of American cheese. Mexicans are also known for a very similar variant.
Hey uber you still making nigger pizzas?
by Bm3ck1zzl3 April 17, 2007
A rumored game that is suppose to come out some time, its the sequel to Battlefield 2.
Noob: Did you hear about the rumors around Battlefield 3?
Pwner: Yeah, doesn't matter I'll still pwn you, and you'll cry about hacks, fgt.
by Bm3ck1zzl3 January 30, 2008
Asian way of saying o rly? because thats just how asians say o rly?
(USA)pnube: you must have no life if your that good in a jet
(China)BmEcko: o rry?
by Bm3ck1zzl3 August 04, 2006
1. What people call Alienware because they hate them.
2. What an Alienware system actually is, gay.
Uber: faggot ecko got an alienware, rofl
Misery: you mean he got a gaylienware?
by Bm3ck1zzl3 June 17, 2006
1. A substance or preparation used for killing noobs.
2. The act of killing noobs.
3. A pwn and skill substance used to kill noobs.
Pwner: I used noobicide on this server full of noobs, they all were pwned and left within 3 rounds of me joining the server.

Pwner: ahahaha die fgt noobs, eye have teh noobicide!

noob: oh n0es! not teh noobicide, run for yer lives! we are doomed :(
by Bm3ck1zzl3 August 18, 2007
1- how a noob spells Ribbit
2- Synonymus with noob
3- a degree or state of noobery
Choking on his food, Robert elevated his Ribit Factor to a stunning 15.8
by Bm3ck1zzl3 November 16, 2006
A website dedicated to pwning and raging.

Pwners only and no noobs allowed.
noob1: did you see the newest noob of the month on House of Pwn?

noob2: ya, it would suck to be noob of the month! they are such pwners on there, i wish i could join :(
by Bm3ck1zzl3 August 18, 2007
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