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4 definitions by blumer

To have one's Comcast cable internet service suddenly cease working at the worst possible time. Unlike it's root word, castrate, comcastration can (and is, in fact, likely to) happen over and over and over to both men and women.
I was just about to pay my credit card bill online when I got comcastrated, causing me to miss the midnight deadline and incurring $28 in late fees.
by blumer November 02, 2006
descriptive of the kind of performance one has come to expect from Windows operating systems, only now more expensive and invasive than ever.
Dude 1: "So I got the latest build of Vista installed last night. It raped my data and destroyed my honeymoon photos, but it sure looks pretty."
Dude 2: "Woah, that's vistacular!"
by blumer November 02, 2006
The time the clock in the office displays when it's clear that your employer is going under.
They canceled my approved vacation day 'cause we have to move all the servers out of the office space we're renting by the end of the month. Sounds like it's GTFO'clock.
by blumer November 25, 2008
Believing pretty much anything one reads on the internet.
Grandma: I'm forwarding this e-mail to you because Bill Gates is testing e-mail tracking software and every person along the chain gets $1,000 and a new kidney!

Me: Grandma, you're so googullible!
by blumer March 25, 2010