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when a certain unnamed person tells you that despite everything you've ever done for them they just need some time away from you even though when her car broke down two hours away from anywhere you drove all the way over just to find out that she wasn't pushing down the clutch enough and then you follow her all the way back to her place but she doesn't even invite you to spend the night so you drive like three hours back home and then the next day you find out that she's been seeing some other guy and you tell her you really don't think it's fair that she would do that which really sets her off and she starts screaming at you about how you always smother her even though she's the one that always comes crying to you at 2:00am in the morning when you have classes the next day but you stay up talking anyway and end up doing really crappy on your final exam and having to retake CS401 which is your LAST REQUIRED CLASS TO GRADUATE so you have to stick around an extra semester and you end up missing a job oppotunity and the whole time shery is busy making out with your friend but you never even knew it was your friend but now it makes sense that the whole damn time she was just playing with you to get to him and goddamnit shery HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME AFTER I SPENT SEVEN HOURS OVER THE PHONE HELPING YOU WITH YOUR PROJECT AND NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT BUT A GRUNT POSITION AT BK BECAUSE I MISSED MY CHANCE AT THE GREATEST JOB EVER AND YOU WON'T EVEN RETURN MY CALLS EVEN THOUGH I JUST WANT TO ASK YOU WHY, DAMNIT, WHY!?!?!!
a break?!?!?! WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY????!!1111
by bluie December 02, 2005
a belief in the pointless of existance. the absence of truth. the absence of reason.

those who see it as a self-defeating argument are people who still have something to believe in.

despite the universe being so mind-numbingly complex and consciousness itself being so much of a mystery, many people actually believe that nihilism is invalid because the 'logic' possessed by what we think of as our consciousness doesn't allow it to make sense.

a christian might argue that god must exist because there must be some infinite force in the universe. they would then argue that god is the creator of all life, and that things like logic come from god, and in fact are a part of god (as he is infinite). unfortunately, this is also self-defeating, because by using logic to prove the existance of god (and thus logic) is just as absurd as nihilism. this, in turn, leads to the logic that nothing can be known. this then continues and endless loop of logic and anti-logic, making existance seem pointless, insane, and absurd. and THAT is what nihilism really is.

Nietzsche is commonly associated with nihilism, although from what i've been able to figure out without actually studying it in school (while researching it in my spare time), he was not a nihilist himself. rather, he seems to be more of someone who defined it and contemplated the intricacies associated with it.

trent reznor, creator of nine inch nails is generally considered to be a true nihilist, which is represented by the lyrics, feeling, and sound of his music. even nothing records, a record company started by reznor, embraces this concept in its name.
Exmaple 1:

person A) god must exist. finite things have to come from somewhere, and only something infinite can make something finite.

person B) that is based on so many assumptions that my brain wants to explode just thinking that someone can actually believe that the universe is that simple. just become a nihilist. it's a lot easier, and still allows you to function in society without being racist, homophobic, or sexist.

person A) okay.

person B) ph34|2.

Example 2:

person A) i sure am pissed that nine inch nails tour sold out in under 5 minutes.

person B) shrug.
by bluie April 14, 2005
An awesome person living in southern New Hampshire. Also, the most unlucky person alive with girls. That is all.
despite being hilarious and awesome, bluie was doomed to live a life a loneliness.
by bluie April 14, 2005
1 (verb)
a hilarious yet immensely cruel act involving a car full of you and your friends, a drive-thru fast food establishment, and an order of a large water. the procedure goes as follows:

a) roll down passenger window (or open sunroof if available).
b) go to a fast food place in a car full of friends, order a large water.
c) when handed the water, immediately pass it over to the passenger.
d) passenger pops out of aforementioned window, water in hand.
e) everyone yells 'FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!' at the exact moment the passenger throws the water into the window of the fast food restaurant.
f) drive off REALLY fast, and laugh hysterically.
g) feel really bad.

2 (exclamation)
what you and your friends yell upon performing a 'fire in the hole'
1) jack and his friends laughed for 4 straight days after performing a 'fire in the hole' at a local Wendy's.

2) jack, bob, jim, brian, and garry hilariously exclaimed 'FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!' while performing a 'fire in the hole' at a local Wendy's.
by bluie April 14, 2005

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