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Can be used in a positive or neutral sense to refer to an artist that has attained appeal beyond fans of the genre in which the artist started out. Can also be used in a negative sense that implies "selling out" to refer to the same artists or to artists who are attempting such a crossover. The negative connotation is most often used by purist fans or fellow performers within that genre. This term gained some prominence in early 1990s rap as some rappers 1) attempted to tailor their acts to white suburbia, 2) employed what was regarded by some as an excessive amount of R&B on records, or 3) engaged in collaborations with heavy metal artists, in the style of Ice-T. The negative version of the term is now used less often in rap circles, as many mainstream rappers have blended the avaricious hustling image of street culture with the rampant consumerism of white suburbia so as to attain both crossover status and street cred.
Black Jeff Foxworthy - "If you used to front one of the most innovative hip hop groups of the early nineties and you find yourself in a Hype Williams video, you might be a crossover."
by bluedevil July 20, 2006
An exclamation used to punctuate boastful and often humorous descriptions of outlandishly violent or dominating acts. Was first popularized in the early 1990s by the Wu Tang Clan, most notably in the intro to the song "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man", in which members of the group cooked up imaginary schemes for extreme torture sometimes followed by the word "Blau!"
"I'll f***ing lay your n*** on a dresser, just your n*** see, and just bang them s**** with a spiked f****** bat! Blau!!!"
by bluedevil July 20, 2006
Fans of radio and TV show host Jim Rome, who coined the term to emphasize the tendency of callers to simply reiterate all of his own points. Unlike the somewhat similar phenomenon of "dittoheads", clones celebrate their status in an ironic manner, often making reference to the humorously pathetic lives they suspect such clones must live.
When running smack, the clones must remember to actually have a take and, most importantly, not to suck.
by bluedevil July 20, 2006
One whose active denial in the meaning or worth of life is typically based on an incongruity between life and that person's pre-conceived notions of justice, fairness, or meaning. In other words, one who is tortuously trying to follow an ethos which denies that there can be a meaningful ethos.
False Nihilist - "If people weren't so stupid they would learn to be miserable all the time like me."

True Nihilist - "To match the metric of our corporate vision, we must leverage our best people to think outside of the box and achieve strategic ubiquity and synergy.
by bluedevil July 20, 2006

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