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It's like a scientist, only we don't get the wicked lab coats.
Joe: Whoa, that dude's insane. He could seriously hurt himself with that stuff
Moe: Nah, he's just a sciencer. The curiosity in a mind like that is overwhelming. They have to go to any extent for their passion.
by bludragn0 February 16, 2008
Kamiyosai: Noun
The frution of the endeavours of midieval alchemists. The goal of alchemy was originally thought to find a source of everlasting energy, aether, and transumation. However, recent findings by archaeologists from the Oxford, suggest that a "Kamiyosai" was another goal of their's.
A kamiyosai was essentially the constituted form of all men's (and some women's) wildest dreams.
Artist's renderings from the 16th century depict it (her) carrying a feret in one arm and tugging a large load of books.
kamiyosai was one of the mythical creatures that sailors and pirates alike feared and adored.
by bludragn0 October 09, 2007

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