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Eric Cartman's wrastling alias on the Comedy Central cartoon South Park. A member of the W.T.F. (Wrestling Takedown Federation), the Rad Russian faces such foes as Triceratops, Sgt. Hammerclaw, Stan The Man, Juggernaut, and El Polo Loco.
Wrastling Coach: Let's get some volunteers so why don't you come over here young man what's your name?
Cartman: The Rad Russian
Wrastling Coach: What?
Cartman: You capitalist swine I craush you!
by bludevil214 October 26, 2009
While driving on the highway, spotting an unmarked vehicle ahead that resembles a cop car. This sighting causes you to slow down and remain behind the car until you figure out if it is safe to pass. The most notorious models include the Ford Crown Victoria and the similar looking Mercury Marauder, and nowadays can include the Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger, etc.
Guy: What are you slowing down for dude?
Driver: Theres a Crown Vic up there
Guy: So?
Driver: Possible pig bro
Guy: Oh word good call
by bludevil214 December 03, 2009

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