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Cheating. There is no way one could possibly win a fight against this combat technique.
The only way to defeat a person who uses krav maga is to shoot them in the face. From a far distance
by bloke4987649897 April 19, 2008
Ok fuck Orange County. This is a place full of pretentious ass clowns with to much fucking money. Oh and they all live in lalala land becuase fucking hand bags, and designer sunglasses are all they care about.
Fuck, fuck, fuck! i hate coming to orange county. Fucking cant drive ten feet without being cut off by some bitch in a benz with a fucking dog sitting on her lap. I hope terrorists attack this hell hole.
by bloke4987649897 April 19, 2008
1. A dried chili used in mexican and southwestern dishes.
2. A fast food resturante that hails from Colorado. The resturantes all have this fake art deco look to them. They teamed up with McDonald's in an effort to mass market their product across the country. Their goal is to further fatten the American consumer with over stuffed burritos that contain unkown amounts of calories. The food is good, but should be eaten responsibly.
Chipotle Chicken burrito= 1000 calories.
3 burritos a week= 1 pound of fat
please eat responsibly
by bloke4987649897 April 20, 2008

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