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A failure, or confluence of failures (serial or coincident) that is so epic as to be on the scale of sexual release. Synonymous with clusterfuck, except that the victim is usually required to clean up afterward.
Guy 1: So, a major piece of equipment was damaged at work this week. Client was out of service until we got a replacement.
Guy 2: Nice.
1: We ordered the new part overnight, and it was delivered, a couple thousand miles away.
2: (rolling eyes, pained laughter)
1: So the shipper sends it out, overnight, after we confirmed the correct address. It of course, does not show up as expected, and is instead held up at the shipper's regional hub, because they say they have the wrong zip code.
2: You're kidding!
1: Nope. So, instead of sitting back and enjoying my holiday, I get to clean up after the shipper's failgasm for the rest of the week.
by blinkin_the_gremlin August 31, 2008

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