An epic fail of absolutely epic proportions.
"Dude, guys, check out my sick-ass moonwalk!" -Jeff *Proceeds to trip and fall on his face.*

"Haha, FAILGASM!" -Brad
by ZeosPantera January 29, 2008
When you are getting close to sexual climax, and you feel the cum coming up, but you cum too early, only getting half the orgasm, or none at all, but you can't cum again.
I had already cum twice, and when I tried to go for a third, I failgasmed and ruined my day.
by Tarvosthegaul September 13, 2009
When a fail feels good.
i had a failgasm yesterday.
by Dragongobi May 18, 2009
1.A moment of sheer ecstasy at the sight or sound of an epic fail.
2.Intense or unrestrained excitement when everything goes horribly wrong, usually pertaining to ones own life.
3. The moment you realize your life sucks
–verb (used without object)
4.To have a failgasm
-intr.v. fail·gasm·ed (-gaz-uhm-d), fail·gasm·ing (gaz-uhm-ing), fail·gasms (gaz-uhmz)
To experience a failgasm.
fail·gas'mic (fāl-gāz'mĭk), fail·gas'tic (-tĭk) adj., fail·gas'mi·cal·ly, fail·gas'ti·cal·ly adv.
When I saw that my ex was not only pregnant but fat as well, it was absolutely failgasmic.

I totally failgasmed when I saw that video of him dancing to Lady Gaga in his bathroom naked while putting on make-up.

I just totaled my dads BMW, I'm gonna have a failgasm
by AntiMangina February 16, 2010
The act of failing an orgasm.
It was going great with her; then I had a failgasm and left.
by oldlordmonkey May 07, 2011
1. n. Those extremely annoying people who get too much joy out of yelling ''FAIL!'' at any occurence of a mistake around them. Usually when it is unnecessary
(Guy 1 trips and falls)
Guy 3: Dont have a FAILgasm dude
by Whinston masterfield III February 01, 2010
A term given to the type of orgasm reached by very little to no sexual contact whatsoever. This term cannot be used against Virgins.
Girl 1: "What about that guy you hooked up with last night?"

Girl 2: "I got him upstairs and he had a Failgasm before i'd even touched him!"
by Old Long Johnson October 05, 2009

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