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2 definitions by bleespot

a dirty armenian with a rauncy foot fetish. He once fended off a swarm of moody bama's bent on destroying the plight of the riders of rohan.
jesus chatch!! That kid over their is fading fast!!!
Oh, don't worry about him, taddy boy, he's just the fading ish. He'll be faded by the time he realizes his skeezy pal deez-nunz threw it in her deuce coup
by bleespot April 28, 2004
a code name for a group of restless young wippersnappers who set out on an adventure to overthrow the evil swarm of moody bamas and their associates, lagsa dah hut and sexual predator #1, in the deepest depths of the fiery jungles of a hypothetical buttolphian virtual reality. aka chatch
TAD, beens, boobs, fading ish, and skeezy wop will never succomb to the dastardly deeds of moody bama and her associates! Never!! ..that is, unless we decide to hippy flip tonite. mm chatch?
by bleespot April 28, 2004