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When you vomit but close your mouth so some puke comes out of your nose and dribbles around your mouth just like a Fu Manchu.
Shane made Tanner drink so much on his birthday, when he came back from throwing up, he had a Puke Manchu!!
by bleebleblobble November 11, 2010
An expert sexual maneuver in the bedroom that involves the mid-copulatory removal of a prophylactic by the male while behind the unaware female while simultaneously bellowing "BEAST MODE." It must be done in the deepest tone possible for proper execution.

The term beast mode is derived from the fact that animals and beasts do not use condoms. Therefore, if an animal or mongrel were to use a condom, they must then shout, "HUMAN MODE."
"Dude, after two months of careful planning, I finally went beast mode on Becky. It scared the shit out of her, but she went along with it for a while until she saw the condom dangling from the bedpost."
by bleebleblobble November 11, 2010

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