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okay this is for the bitch that says balst is for girls that could not make cheerleading and poms....bitch we have pommies and cheerleaders in blast. see how much your bitch ass knows. don't say there isn't any talent in the show until i hear you sing and try to perfrom for hundreds even thousands of people every year. untill you do that then you can say something. for your info we have people that are fmaous now from doing blast if u watched the new show on wb with fran fine her son on the show is a former chs student that did blast and we have tons of other people doing awesome things. you and your oversized self can go sit in a corner and starve herself and throw so u can show everyone you can cheer and spell. wow you know how to spell "score" and "dawgs" omg! when did we learn that kindergarden. i hate people like you that judge without knowing a damn thing. an as for me i wa sin balst and i will be singing in constitution hall in two weeks. see if we dont have talented people now. I bet ur bitch ass cant even dance. You call cheerleading and poms real dancing. oh i want you to go to the clubs and go to PG schools and tell me whose the real dancers. i bet you have CRD caucasion rhythm downsyndrome. i dont even know why i'm wasting my time leaving you a message.

blastchica: can u beleive that girl was hatin because she didnt get in blast.
blastdiva05: she tried to insult blast but she got knocked the fuck out.
by blastchica05 May 10, 2005

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