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3 definitions by blamont

An teenager who site in his bedroom all day without social communication
Cali : You coming out today

Jake : Sorry i cant come out today got a busy schedule

Cali : Come on stop being a stupid coblob
by blamont April 29, 2009
An inside man who like to drink tea and very uptight and walks around with suitcases.
Anna : Hey why you walking around with the black suit

Micheal : Im just chilling with my suitcases n im off to drink some tea you peasant

Anna : Omg ur such a TRAINOR :(
by blamont April 29, 2009
An absolute retard who plays with sisters and has a sad life
Binksy : I'm scared of the outside world so im just sat here doing the binksy
by blamont April 29, 2009