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5 definitions by blackninja980

The art of fellatio, where the hands of the "performer" replicate the motions of a pepper grinder on the recipients organ.
At a party you ask "Has anyone seen Jane?" An answer you get maybe as follows: "Yeah, she was in the bedroom pepper grinding Steve a while ago"
by blackninja980 July 10, 2008
12 4
Describes someone who has an odouress disposition.
Clive stunk like a shit smugglers duffel bag.

by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
6 0
A military term for a recruit undergoing basic military training.
Stay away from the bar tonight as the crow are allowed in.
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
21 20
Commonly used military term for a private soldier in the army.
The floor needs sweeping.

Ok, I'll get a TOM to do it.
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
42 44
A slang term for the perineum.
Whilst in the heat of passion you may ask your partner to lick your isn't.

What is your isn't? She asks

It's that bit which isn't my arse, and isn't my balls you may reply!!!
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
10 14