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a state of being misguided and confused both at the same time.
John was misconfused about the new payscale at work.
by blacklung April 13, 2009
A sexual manuever that involves the process of a person nibbling on a scrotom during the afternoon hours.
John walked into the office and yelled "who wants to go get lunch" graham replied; How bout you c'mon over and i'll feed you a saclunch

Kent bolted home promptly at noon and fed Kitra a sac lunch
by blacklung April 13, 2009
A laydown: the weakest of the pack.
Generally referring to a person drunk enough to start making some bad decisions. Generally precluded the following morning with the "walk of shame"
Did you hear about Lou last night? He totally took down that three legged antelope!
by blacklung April 21, 2009
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