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Meme lingo for "why you no..." which means "why didn't you" or "why don't you" in standard English. The cartoon meme character known as "Y U No Man" always uses this phrase in his frustrated questions.
Meme character holds his stick arms pleadingly in front of his large, sweaty face and says: "Jim Carrey...Y u no funny anymore?" Y U no?
by Black@Heart February 06, 2011
When a gay person marries a straight person of the opposite sex in an attempt to hide the fact that he/she is gay. The straight partner does not usually know (or is in denial) that their intended partner is gay.
"Wow I am so surprised that Kyle is marrying Stephanie. I totally thought Kyle was gay."
"Kyle's as gay as a picnic basket, dude. He doesn't want his dad to know he's gay, so he's marrying a woman."
"Does Stephanie know?"
"Nope. She thinks he's straight. This is a cover marriage."
"That's chapped, man.
by Black@Heart November 15, 2009
A prisoner who has sex with other same-sex prisoners yet claims to be straight.
"Yo man, the guard's not looking. Come here and blow me."
"No way! I'm not gay!"
"I'm not gay either man, I'm just INSTITUTIONALLY gay."
"Oh, so it's OK for me to blow you?"
"Cool! Mmmmf mfff mmm mfmmmm."
by Black@Heart November 15, 2009
A Sandbox Ceasar is business person, usually in middle management, who was bullied as a child (in the sandbox) and has to make up for it as an adult by being a rude, power-mad, greedy asshole. Will walk over anyone to prove they can't be picked on anymore. They want to be as powerful as Julius Caesar, which is why they act like total douchetards.
"Did you hear Christine going off in that meeting? She was backstabbing everybody to make herself look good."
"Yes, she's a total Sandbox Caesar. I hate her."
by Black@Heart December 15, 2009
A woman who is obviously a lesbian but tries to hide it.

(Ain't a lesbian...ergo, lesbiaint.) Lesbiaints have been known to marry men to hide their gayness from friends, co-workers and, most importantly, their family.)
"Hey did you ever notice how Christine looks at that hot girl in personnel?"
"Of course, dude, Christine is a total dyke but she tries to hide it. Look at her hair, her clothes. Total rug-muncher."
"No way man, she was married!"
"That was a 'cover-marriage' dude. She's definitely a lesbiaint."
by Black@Heart November 15, 2009
(n) A person who is retarded from drinking too much rye.
If you drink too many rye and cokes, you'll become a ryetard.

"Whoa, that girl is totally hammered. She's ryetarded."
by Black@Heart November 21, 2009
(n) The fear of going into any type of business meeting because it always turns into a total cluster-fuck.
Wes experienced severe clusterphobia whenever his work group called a meeting because every plan they came up with always turned into a pathetic cluster-fuck.
by Black@Heart December 13, 2009
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