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If God made music, it would sound like The Who.
Man, The Who totally 0wnz.
by bl4d3 January 22, 2005
1) An incredibly good song by Johnny Cash.
2) An incredibly painful feeling in the anus, usually after harsh diarrhea.
1) Man, that song Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash totally rocks!

2) Oh man, I can't come to your house tonight, I have the ring of fire.
by bl4d3 January 18, 2005
Abbrev. Queens of the Stone Age
QOTSA are the greatest band since the Beatles.
by bl4d3 September 12, 2004
A skateboarding session where you just fuck around.
Wanna do a hesh sesh? I don't feel like doing any tech stuff...
by bl4d3 January 26, 2005
Misspelling of Rage Against The Machine.
Mang, who spells Rage Against the Machine like that. What, a 5 year old?
by bl4d3 January 21, 2005
HxC way of the abbreviation for a band called Anal Cunt
That guy was pissing me off on AIM so I recited him some AxCx lyrics
by bl4d3 July 27, 2004
see real
CKY is real.
by bl4d3 February 14, 2004

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