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A Businessman from Oklahoma City, head of group that owns the Seattle Supersonics who is widely despised for his underhanded (yet obvious) tactics of purchasing the Seattle Supersonics for the sole purpose of moving the team from its home for the last forty years to one of the smallest markets in the country with a stadium that is no better than the one he is using as his excuse to move the team. He is also proof that having money and friends in high places can get you anything you want.
What's that smell? Oh yuk! I just got some Clayton Bennett on my shoe!
by bizzieb November 06, 2007
"Oklahoma City": wasteland; a waste of concrete in the middle of a remote deserted sun-burnt ranch; America's Chernobyl
As the sun rose in the Eastern sky it became apparent that no-one was left in this forsaken place, much like Oklahoma City.
by bizzieb November 06, 2007
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