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A shitty town . A nasty box board company makes the whole town smell like ass . Filled with half priced prostitutes , wanna be country boys tryin to ride bulls , drunks , teen-aged mothers , and walmart workers . Fun for the kids is smokin pot and goin to the local walmart . The girls are usually trashy and dont care who they spread their legs around . at the high school there's usually one fist fight a week so everyone knows there is a "bad ass" in the building . there's a few good things in the town , you got the good ole high school football team , not that great but the whole towns got a lot of spirit . their rival is carlisle , that "village" isnt any better than franklin . there are so many skanks in franklin most refer to it as skanklin . over all franklin is a little shitty town .
franklin, ohio is so stinky . wish the girls would close their legs !
by bitchybitchmofo June 28, 2011
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