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The white-hooded semitic avengers who hunt down neo-nazis, errect burning stars of david in front of their houses and eventually lynch them by hanging them - on their balls!
Dude you better cut that racist bullshit coming out of your nazi mouth or the Jew Klux Klan is gonna get ya!
by bitchmasterb November 10, 2010
Palingrad, AK, formaly known as Wasilla before its name change in 2022 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the landslide victory of President Sarah Palin in the 2012 presidential elections is the state capital of Alaska and was the location of one of the decisive battles of World War 3.

The battle of Palingrad in 2042/2043 lead to the incirclement and eventual destruction of the entire German 6th Army and is considered to be the turning point of the war by most historians. Palingrad was awarded the title of Hero City in 2045 by Comrade Palin herself.
Yeah the Battle of Cheneygrad in 2041 was a tough one but we really fucked the germans the following year at Palingrad.
by bitchmasterb November 04, 2010
A party were coincidentally or intentionally all guests are coming from countries that were members of the axis powers in World War II, i.e. Germany, Japan, Italy, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungaria, etc.
Hey guys did you notice: I'm german, you are italian and you are japanese. We're totally having an axis party tonight!

I went to this club in Rome but they wouldn't let me in - it was axis party so no americans allowed.
by bitchmasterb November 05, 2010
A hipster who wears round lennonesque glasses, a 1940tish hairdo (hair on top, shaved at the sides) and a thin moustache, making him look like Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the SS.
Dude, I just saw a effing Himmpster! Lets get outta here, this party sucks.
by bitchmasterb October 25, 2010
A large penis, not necessarily of a black man.
Your mum is craving for congo schlongo.
by bitchmasterb October 28, 2010
A very hot girl.
Wow, look at her! She's a real napalm girl!
by bitchmasterb October 26, 2010
Nazi equivalent of an epic win.
I totally pwned you at Allied General pbem tonight. It was a 1000 years win!
by bitchmasterb July 08, 2011

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