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word meaning Dumb hoe and leech of life
my that hasty just busted me to Mr. Badley
by Bishop October 06, 2004
A Red haired man with a mild form of retardation. Can be used as an explative, or in combination with japan and fish to further add confusion to a conversation.
Rumpy! Japan fish!!!

Rumpy fish!!

Rumpy fish japan!!!
by Bishop March 06, 2005
a name for any rich white guy that is also a little fag.
"your clothes dont match man, you little Ragamuffin!"
"shut the fuck up sir fagmire the third, you little bitch!"
by Bishop March 18, 2004
Pronunciation: tek-'tä-nik
Etymology:Late Latin tectonicus, from Greek tektonikos of a builder. Modified usage by Warren of Pittsburgh, 2003 A.D.
:stellar, hip, fashionable
Orogeny is tectonic or that '63 Lambretta scooter with Jet 200 kit and flame job is tectonic.
by bishop July 08, 2003
to hack, ban, or deface someone in any matter be it a game, chatroom, or any other setting
<Stevie> man fucking assholes keep pming me
<Johnnycub> Stevie if I were you i would shut the fuck up before you realy piss some one off and get lamerd
by Bishop November 25, 2004
The word describes a kissing noise, usually used in cellphone text messages or in IRC.
Bye hun. luv u, mpaw.
by Bishop April 07, 2005
Usually screamed aloud in the ingame chat or in ones home.
omgz0rz, he is hacking!
by Bishop February 06, 2003
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