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A music video created with various clips of anime

DBZ+Linkin Park+ Crappy but easy Anime music video
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
Any of one or more girly anime featuing busty girls in short skirts battling evil guys then sleeping with (In a non-sexual way) each other.

Some of them are lesbians
Sailor Moon has lots of magical girls.
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
A most awesome, gum chewing fellow.
IE:"You are a kind Hashmeer."

A member of Group X...and he didn't steal the freakin beats!
"Go Hashmeer go Hashmeer go Hashmeer and the rest can go away....SHWAT!???"
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
A hammer that is extremely large and heavy.
b.) Influence with large hammer
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
1. A really, really, REALLY kinky person... who doesn't care about your relationship...they just want sex. Guys like them kindsa gals....

2. freak times 100....
That girl is pretty wild now, THAT GIRLS A SUPERFREAK!
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
To be taken off of newgrounds because the pansy people to lazy to do their own work get rid of it because they don't know talent when they see it.
Heh.. heh heh.. It made me chuckle, but nonetheless..

by Bishmilla July 12, 2004
A doll created by Valen to awaken him from his Aeonic slumber.

Also called a Valen Doll.

Know Dolls of Valen:
Rue: An Arc Edge (Big-ol swordy thing) wielder, memoryless Doll. Devoted to his gaurdian Claire.

Ruecian: Also known as Doll Master, a high magician in East heaven Kingdom. He has no power to awaken Valen. Loyal to Valen most of the time.

Ruenis: Flawless Doll, unloyal to Valen.
From the game threads of Fate Dewprism
by Bishmilla July 12, 2004

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