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A nano augmented agent working for the United Nations Anti Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO). He has a brother named Paul Denton who was working for UNATCO before JC. Each nano augmented agent comes at a price of 50 billion dollars (US). He is the hero of the popular award winning game Deus Ex. The game is set in the year 2032 where the world is suffering from a terrible plague called the Gray Death. The United States is in a state of undeclared civil war. The gap between rich and poor is increasing. International governments are collapsing everyday and new tyrants are taking control.
JC Denton
by Bionicman February 05, 2004
a moron that likes to call himself Sinj but his real name is St.John.
"hey look at that moron, hes pulling a sinj"

"yeh his real name is St.John but we call him sinj"
by BionicMan April 25, 2004
This is the comprehensize dictionary of the clapping monkey phrase:
1)A small toy for children
2)A metaphor for a women who has had lots of sex and is such very loose and is in need of corrective surgery. Sum1 u wudnt want 2 have sex with!!! There is even hand motions to go with it.
She was as loose as a clapping monkey
by bionicman April 13, 2005
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