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A girl who is very easy to chat up,likely to say her and boyfriend just broke-up,and why can't she find someone nice?,and that they haven't had sex in a month at least,then ask if u have a girlfriend,all this while waiting in line at the bar,they're mostly out at night,although many don't make it home by morning.Easy to spot heavy make-up,big hair,over-kill on perfume,fake nails that shoulda been removed a week ago,some kind of cum-fuck-me boots,ohh and don,t forget the back-pack & pager! No-doubt she drinks like a fish,take anything(drugs)offered to her,and usually have at least one BOCA sweat-shirt,pair of joggers with brat/blondie across the ass.They're easy,dumb as hell,and always at the door for last call(bar/club).Surrey girls favourite quotes "I'm not usually like this" "Oh-oh i'm getting drunk" "I just got kicked out of where i'm staying" "My boyfriend beat me up" "i need to pay the babysitter" "i'm out of smokes" "MOMMY BE BACK"
It's 10:00am and we're goin for breakfast,my bro says "hey look at that surrey girl heading home,musta been a rough night" I return "ya she's even limping musta been road hard and put away wet" poor girl didn't even get cab fare!
by binderdundat August 28, 2007

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